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Zaytoona Foodstuff factory is the leading supplier of Olive oil and Halal food. Offering Quality oriental products of superior taste to it's demanding customers. Having 20 years experience, we are proud of our experienced team, a large number of dedicated specialists and academics of European, Arab and Turkish nationalities, working with great passion and devotion for the success of the company. We're targeting an ever-growing, people as well as vegetarians, vegans and consumers that have an interest in authentic, premium ethnic food with an authentic and superior taste. Adam Zaytoona Food stuff Factory headquarter resides in Turkey

Olive oil safety conditions

Adam Zaytoona Olive Oil

Store a product Adam Zaytoona Olive Oil

Store a product

in a dark, cool, and free from sunlight and keep out of the sunlight

Keep away from

high temperatures as much as possible and tie them to the place of residence between 18C - 22C

Extra virgin olive oil

freezes below + 4 째 C Freezing extra virgin olive oil is not a criterion for purity

Avoid putting products

next to soaps and detergents. Olive oil absorbs and retains odors, which leads to oil oxidation and discolouration

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