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Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Dietary fats have long been a source of widespread controversy due to the health damage they can cause, especially animal fats and coconut oil. However, there is widespread consensus on the tremendous health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (preserving its natural properties and vitamins), as it is an essential nutrient in the Mediterranean diet of the healthiest people in the world.

Studies show that the fatty acids and antioxidants that olive oil contains have enormous health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease.

In this regard, the author, Chris Gunners, in his report, published by the American "Healthline" website, touched on the reasons that make extra virgin olive oil one of the most important healthy fats.

What is olive oil and how is it prepared?
The author stated that olive oil is an oil extracted from the olive fruit, and the production process is very simple, as the oil is extracted after pressing the olives. In contrast, modern methods include crushing the olives, mixing them together, and then separating the oil from the pulp in a centrifuge.

After the centrifugation process, small amounts of olive pomace remain, and the remaining oil can be extracted using chemical solvents known as olive pomace oil. It is worth noting that this type of oil is usually cheaper, compared to regular olive oil, and it is not recommended to eat it.